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Re website in general:

“Its an emotional experience in itself”
“My brain cells doing overtime….”
“when I first went into this I could relate about 50%, now, when I re-read it, I relate  about 75%”
"The site helped me make so much sense of my life!!! The things that made sense to me but no one else...that makes sense to me now...I don't know how to better word it. And the things i've done in my past, my reasoning behind those things, my thoughts and feelings of those things before, during and after those things."
“I found some of this stuff quite tough to digest it 'cos its ringing a whole lot of bells out there…”
"First, I am very happy to have found your site.  It provides me a much better understanding of my diagnosis (my therapist hardly even talked about the schizoid stuff, and only focused on the depression).  When I read through the stuff here, it felt like an epiphany.  I knew there was much more to my depression than a chemical imbalance, but I had no idea what and no idea how to express it.  Now I can see how my depression is actually fueled by my schizoid disorder.  It’s a wonderfully liberating thing to learn about, because now I can work on the source of the problem, and not just the symptoms of the problem."



 Re professional Quotes:

“...using professional language, the quotes, this is tricky, … what I was put off with was my wariness of the  ‘compartmentalising’ of the approach which highly professional therapists do, being  seen from the outside - which is the very thing which I have reacted to all my life.”  


Re Characteristics1:

It strikes me theres so much I can relate to”

Cassandra’s share:
 “Are we THAT afflicted?–… hold on a minute!”
At this juncture I can only state  how I felt listening to Cassandra’s  share  – of just how much inside information I  have withheld inside, which even under 6 months of therapy was tightly locked in that blocked up chamber of fear….. of being exposed and ejected.” 
Tron P’s share:
“Brilliant, endearing, imaginative, and excellent in providing an open pathway into community spirit” 


Re Characteristics2:

“I find this tough.  I feel I’m exposing myself, a kind of condemnation of how I behave, like I’m  confessing to an analyst, or being exploited,.. and later I may resent or reject. ”
'We can make a virtue of overworking....'.... mine is an inner compunction that includes guilt” 


The Real Self:

"Thank you for your writing on 'The Real Self'. I found it very lovingly  written and it makes total sense when I am aligned in my truth. And it reveals to me the parts of myself at any given time I could strive to improve on. I do feel these words are a spark of   Divine inspiration and soothing words which comfort in times when I am lost."